Grew up in Saginaw, Michigan in a musical family.  Dad plays the accordion, Mom plays the piano and    guitar, and everyone sings.  

Favorite musical group growing up was the Backstreet Boys…and still is :)

Has held 3 titles in the Miss America Organization and competed for Miss Michigan & Miss                    Colorado.

Sarah was originally Pre Med before switching her Major to Music Theatre.

Sarah has done 42nd Street 4 times.  It was her 1st production in college and years later gained her        her Equity card.

She met her husband, JC, while doing a production of Oklahoma!

She's a Star Wars nerd.

Sarah was a contestant on ABC's The Bachelor - Season 15, she did not receive a rose lol.

She has read every book written by Jane Austen.    

Sarah's hidden talent is jump rope tap.

For roles, she has dyed her hair black, red and blonde.